CCT, 2004-2005
A series of computer controllable toasters.


Toaster mit Schnittstelle, 2004
Electric toaster, Sub-D type computer connector

Two networked toasters, 2004
Two electric toasters, Sub-D type computer connectors, computer cable

Four networked toasters with hub , 2005
Four electric toasters, Sub-D type computer connectors, computer cables


CCT parodies our obsession with automating an increasingly large part of our environment.
As we found out later, in an ironic twist, the idea to integrate toasters within a computer based network had already been put forward, in a more serious manner, by technology guru Nicholas Negroponte:
"Appliances today have all too little computing. A toaster should not be able to burn toast. It should be able to talk to other appliances. It would really be quite simple to brand your toast in the morning with the closing price of your favourite stock. But first, the toaster needs to be connected to the news." (Nichololas Negroponte, Being Digital, 1995).


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